About Us

We are a limo magazine that never fails to deliver on-time information to our readers. If you’re interested in limos or you want to find out more about these vehicles, you can find everything you need in our magazine.

Our Values

We absolutely love tradition. Limousines for us symbolize luxury, elegance, traditions, courteousness, the creativity of human brain and the love we have for beauty. It’s hard to deny that limousines are one of the most balanced and luxurious cars you can ever see.

Our Writers

We try hard to keep our team well-balanced and hire those people who know what they are writing about. All of our writers had different levels of experience with limo services, including company ownership. Our writers worked or are still working for different limo companies.

  • Michael Douglas.
    Michael was an owner of a limo company before and now he is retired and his son took the ownership. He knows the industry inside out, which is why he decided he could share his experience with other people. If you want to start your own business or find out more about limo rental business, you will find plenty of insider information from him.
  • Anthony Lennox.
    Anthony worked for a limo company and is still a professional chauffeur. He had a surgery 2 years ago and now he can’t work as a full-time driver. However, he still works as a freelance chauffeur. He knows a lot about being a chauffeur and sometimes writes articles about different funny cases he had at work.
  • George Ride.
    George is a technician guy. He worked his up a career ladder and became a top-notch limo technician in his company. Now he has some time, so he decided to run a blog for limo sites. He took our position and shares different tips with you.

We hope that you will enjoy reading our magazine and will find plenty of useful information here. If you want to suggest us a topic, you might drop us a line. We are always hunting for new ideas.