Contact Us

If you want to share something with us, you can always e-mail us or one of our writers directly. We also have a call-center that works 9 to 6 every day except on weekends. You might want to contact us due to different reasons.

Become a Member of Our Team

If you want to become a member of our friendly team, you have to fill out the form or send us your CV and a cover letter. In a cover letter, you have to specify why we would want to see you on our team and how you could benefit us. We would consider your resume and get in touch with you within a week.

Advertise with Us

If you have a business suggestion for us and you want to advertise with us, you have to e-mail us. Please include your conditions and offers and also don’t forget to mention which companies you work with. If you’re not an ad company, but an individual and you want to promote your writings/blog with us, you might write an article for us.

Write for Us

If you’re planning to write for us (either one time or regularly), you have to learn a few rules.

  • We don’t accept long reads.
    Longreads and scientific articles are not the things we are looking for. Try to stick to the language an average person would understand. Don’t write more than 3 pages (double-spaced).
  • We don’t accept posts without any visual content.
    Include at least one image. Ideally, you could include a video or infographics. If you can put your data into a visual format, it would be perfect.
  • We don’t accept posts with mistakes/improper formatting.
    When you write for us, you have to include a header (properly formatted) and stick either to APA or MLA style. We require indents, proper punctuation and double space. If your post is written with mistakes, we won’t accept it. There are plenty of free online checkers, so take your time to ensure your post qualifies.

Other than these, we don’t have any specific guidelines. Our team will review your post and decide whether or not we want to publish it. In case we decline your offer, none of our staff is required to notify you of a reason.

Suggest an Idea

If you want to suggest an idea for our post, please e-mail one of our writers directly. They will consider that topic and if it’s interesting for them, fresh and useful for others, they will write on it.

Leave Some Feedback

If you want to comment on our services and leave some feedback for us, do so. You can e-mail our editor. We are always interested in getting fresh opinions from our readers. We believe that those can help us improve.